This modest little Web offering is the handiwork of two of Brasil's digital wizards: the nutty design professor, Tony de Marco, and the famed keyboard artist (Apple Expanded, not Steinway), Jean BoŽchat.

    Tony de Marco is art director of that courageous Brasilian magazine, defender of Steve Jobs's feverish imagination, Macmania. Being a natural rebel, Tony is particularly proud of his comics site, CyberComix.

    Jean Boëchat is a renowned Macintosh consultant, and is the one who gave Zingg the fatal nudge into cyberspace. Today, Jean BoŽchat is art director of interactive media, in AlmapBBDO/No Media.

    David Drew Zingg David Drew Zingg has his own long involvement with design, both print and digital. He kept urging Tony and Jean to keep the site low bandwidth -- lean and mean. If this place pleases you, you could think of as the son of his favorite of all economical Web sites, New York Times.

    We like to thanks: Mario AV, Egly Dejulio, Clara Allain, Heinar Maracy, Octavio Maron and Ciclo Graphics.