David Drew Zingg

    David Drew Zingg was born in Montclair, New Jersey on the 14th of December, 1923. He studied at Columbia University in New York City, where he later gave classes in journalism. He worked in the newsroom of NBC, and volunteered for the US Air Force in the Second World War. He was based in England. After he was grounded, he became a war correspondent in France and Germany for the Armed Services Radio.

    In New York City, Zingg was an editor, writer and reporter for Look and Life magazines. In the mid-50s, having carried the bags for many famous photographers, he bought a Nikon and became a free-lance writer-photographer himself.

    Based in New York, Zingg traveled the world and contributed text and photographs to a long list of publications including Look, Life, Esquire, Show, Town and Country, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Interview, El Paseante, Zoom, Modern Photography, Popular Photography, New York Times, London Sunday Times, London Sunday Telegraph and The Observer.

    He covered many famous celebrities like John Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Che Guevara, Marcel Duchamps, Lawrence Durrell, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bobby Short and Ella Fitzgerald. Many became friends as well.

    Forty years ago, in 1959, Zingg landed in Rio de Janeiro as a crew-member on the Buenos Aires-Rio ocean race, which he had also covered for Life and Sports Illustrated.

    Bewitched by Brasil, he began to live a free-lance version of a long-distance ponte area between New York and Brasil. His coverage of the nation's development, including the construction of Brasilia, appeared in various US and British publications. On a four-month assignment covering the arts in South America for Show Magazine, he was present at the opening night of the Bossa Nova show featuring Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Morais at Rio's Bom Gourmet club. He was instrumental in arranging for the epocal 1962 concert of Bossa Nova at New York's Carnegie Hall.

    In December of 1964, Zingg came to Rio to do a photographic essay for Look Magazine. It began raining, a photographer's nightmare. Three months later, it was still raining, but he had moved out of the legendary Copacabana Palace to the home of the equally legendary Carioca architect, Sergio Bernardes.

    By the time the weather had improved, Zingg had decided to reside in Rio. There he began to photograph for Adolfo Bloch's Manchete magazine. In his Carioca phase, Zingg photographed several films of the Cinema Nova movement. In a short time, Roberto Civita invited him to become part of the team which was producing the innovative monthly magazine, Realidade. Since then, Zingg has photographed for a wide spectrum of Brasilian publications. They include Realidade, Manchete, Playboy, VIP, Veja, Claudia, Elle, Quatro Rodas, Status, Isto E, Fotoptica, Iris, and Icaro. He has also collaborated with Folha de S. Paulo, Estado de Sao Paulo, Jornal de Tarde, Jornal do Brasil and Zero Hora.

    Zingg continues to photograph and write. He has a weekly column in the Folha, and monthly columns in Playboy and VIP. A bit of a geek, Zingg is developing several Web sites.